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Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Wedding Grooming – Beauty Care

Wedding Planning - Wedding Day Wedding Grooming - Beauty Care

You will want to look good for the day of your wedding so start looking after yourself better, at least 6 months prior to the big day. Arrange to start seeing a beautician if you have not already been going to one, to start getting your skin looking good. Depending on the condition of your skin, your beautician may suggest a course of facials over the next 2-3 months, which will give you a perfect completion on the day. Most beauticians will also do nails and even make-up, so if you can find someone who does all three things, then this is great, as the more the you get to know your beautician the more you can discuss with her what you want and she will get to know how you would like the final look to be like.

Start taking care of your hair as well, by having regular treatments and getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. Ask your beautician about a skin care regime that is best suited to your skin type so that you can get into a regular face care routine.

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If your beautician does make-up, then have trial runs with her and experiment with colors so that you can get the make-up perfect for the wedding. They may charge you for these trial runs as they will be using their own products for you, so check what it will cost for each trial run.

Three months prior to the wedding it would be a good idea to visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and whitened. Visit your hairdresser to decide on the style that you want for the day.

One month prior to the wedding decide what you want your nails to look like, have another trial run for your make-up and start watching your intake of coffee, alcohol and sugary foods.

Two weeks before the wedding you will need to start getting at least eight hours of sleep so that you don’t have dark circles or bags under your eyes. Book yourself in for a full body treatment, and make sure that you are drinking enough water.

On the day prior to the wedding you will need to make sure that you are relaxed, that you eat well and drink plenty or water and get plenty of sleep for the big day.

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