Wedding Planning – Seating Your Guests

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Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Seating Your Guests

Wedding Planning - Seating Your Guests

As soon as you start receiving your acceptances back from your guests, you should start planning your seating arrangements. You will need to consider your seating arrangements very carefully, and decide what guests you will be placed with each other, in saying this you will need to know how different people get along with one another. It would not be wise to seat people together if you know that they do not get along or if they have recently been divorced.

Try and seat people who know each other together, and do not separate couples. You might want to have one table for the single people so that they can mingle amongst themselves and get to know and maybe even make new friends.

The bride and groom can be seated at the table with their parents, or you may decide to have a separate table close to the bridal table for the parents only. Be considerate of any elderly people and do not place them too close to any loud bands or music. If you do have disabled people attending, make sure that they have plenty of access to get in and out of their tables, and that the venue provides disabled facilities such as a toilet and ramp for them to gain access to and from the reception area. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion from your mother or someone close about the seating arrangements, so that no mistakes are made in seating people together.

Once everyone has walked into the reception area they are going to want to know where they are going to be seated. The best way of letting them know this is to have their place cards arranged on the tables, or you may wish to choose to put up a plan on the wall at the entrance of the reception with a layout of the seating plan and the guests’ names placed on the layout. The bridal table should be set up to be facing the rest of the guests.

Make sure that the bridal table is not arranged so that any part of the bridal table have their backs facing the rest of the guests. Generally speaking, it is the bride and the bridal attendants that are placed to the left of the table, and the groom and the groomsmen are placed to the right of the table. It is entirely up to you how you would like the table to be set out. You may also alternate the bridal attendants and groomsmen by seating one female then one male, and so on.

If you are having your parents seated at the bridal table, then the father of the bride would sit to the left of the bride, then your husbands mother and then your best man. To the right of the groom is where you would sit your mother, and you would sit the chief bridesmaid next to the groom’s father. Make sure that you seat the bridal table and the speech stand or lectern near the master of ceremonies. If there are any children at the bridal table, make sure that you seat the parents of the children close by or have the children sit with there parents once they have arrived at the reception.

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