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Wedding Planning - Gift Registry

Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Gift Registry

Many guests will have no idea what to buy the both of you for your wedding, this is where a gift registry can come in handy. Select a store that you would like to have your gift registry at, and make a list of items that you would like to receive. The gift registry is a free service that most stores will offer to you. Remember that you do not need to limit the gift registry to one store, there may be a store that your partner prefers to shop at and you might have seen items in another store that would make perfect wedding presents.

Make sure that you vary the prices of your gifts so that people who do not have as much to spend as others are still able to get you something that you want, this way it will keep all of your guests happy. Ask the store about its policies before you register with them.

Will they let you return an item, or what is their refund policy, and will the store update their gift list whenever a guest purchases something from it to avoid doubling up on gifts. Put some careful planning into your gift register, so that at the end of it you end up with items that you can use throughout the whole house and not just one part of it, and be sure to let the store know the brand, color and quantity you would like of each gift. You may include the gift registry with your invitation or you may like to send it out separately.

If you and your partner do not need anything for the house you may also like to set up a wishing well at the entrance of the reception for people to make donations of money. You can then use this to purchase something larger or even towards buying a property. Have your stationer make up a little card to put on your invitation advising your guests that you have all that you need for your home and would prefer to have donations made to go towards something that you may have been saving for.

At the end of the evening have one of your family members collect all of the cards left in the wishing well. For a little more excitement do not open the cards until you are both together on your honeymoon and read what everyone has written in their cards and what donations that they have contributed.

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