Wedding Planning – Getting In Shape For Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Planning - Getting In Shape For Your Wedding Day

Wedding Planning – Getting In Shape For Your Wedding – Groom

If you are looking to lose weight so that you fit into your suit better, or want to look great in your wedding photos, give yourself plenty of time to do so.

You might like to get into shape with your partner if she is also looking to lose weight and look better on the day.

Get into a regular exercise program. If you are finding it hard to find the time to fit it in, then go for a ride on your bike in the afternoons, or instead of driving to the shops, walk there instead. Instead of getting into the car every time just to go down the road or visit nearby friends walk there instead. If you have a dog, take it for a walk with your partner, this way you are getting more of the motivation that you need to start losing weight.

Just as exercise is important so is a healthy diet. Make sure that you are eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that your water intake is adequate, especially in the hotter months. Drinking plenty of water will help clean out your system and keep you hydrated, especially while exercising. Try to cut out as much of the fatty foods that you can, as well as anything sweet and full of sugar.

If you are not looking to lose weight but would like to get fit and healthy and more toned, take yourself to your local gym or if you have a gym set at home start working out there if you don’t feel too comfortable going to the gym.

If your partner likes to shop, then spend the day with her walking around the shops, you will be surprised how much walking you will actually do in a whole day. This is a good way to start toning up. Always remember that you should never lose weight too quickly, if you do you will do damage to your body such as becoming susceptible to breakouts, dry skin and weak and brittle nails.

Getting In Shape For Your Wedding – Bride

If you are trying to lose weight for your wedding, give yourself plenty of time to do this, a good time to start would be after your engagement, you don’t want to rush the process and make yourself sick along the way. You will need to start an exercise program, but have a check up with your doctor if you have not done any form of exercise for a long time or if you have a health condition. You will need to exercise between 3- 5 times a week depending on how much you exercise you do. Do not over do it, as you should give your body a couple of days each week to rest and recover from exercise.

Lifting weights is a great way to tone up if you are not looking to lose weight. Keep an eye on how much weight you are losing as you don’t want to look too slim in your wedding dress.

As part of a losing weight you will also need to start eating and drinking sensibly. Make sure that you include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into your eating plan. It is important to drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses per day, and to lessen the intake of soft drinks and other sugary drinks.

If you do not really like the bland taste of water try adding some lemon to make it more refreshing and better tasting.

If you are really serious about looking great for your wedding then you could hire a professional trainer. Make sure that you discuss with them what you are hoping to achieve and in what time frame, this way they can write up a schedule to suit your needs and help you reach your goals.

They are also there to give you support if you feel that you are not getting the results out of the routine as soon as you would like or if you have days where it is a struggle to go to the gym. If you feel uncomfortable going to the gym, there are gyms that now cater for females only and males only, so you don’t have to worry about the way you look or feel embarassed.

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