Wedding Planning – Decorating The Reception

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Wedding Planning - Decorating The Reception

Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Decorating The Reception

Now that a venue has been chosen, you can put some serious thought into how you would like the reception to be decorated.

You want to give your guests the wow factor when they enter the room. You may want to hire the expertise of a wedding decorator for this job.

They have some great ideas on what styles and themes you might like to have and the colors that would suit your chosen style. Let your wedding decorator look at the reception venue with you well ahead of the wedding, so that you can both discuss what would be nice to have in the way of decorations, and how many decorations that you are going to need to make them stand out.

If there is a particular theme that you and your partner agree on then this is a good way to add your own personal touches to the reception. You can provide your wedding decorator with the items that you have chosen that reflect your personalities, for example, if your partner likes cars the you could use a part out of the engine as the centerpieces for the tables.

Make sure that you are able to get the numbers you need for each table, and have them decorated with flowers or use them as candle holders to create an even bigger effect.

After the wedding decorator has visited the venue they will then send you a quote based on the decorations that you discussed and may add a couple of their own suggestions for you to pick from.You will need to give your wedding decorator a deposit after agreeing on the price, so that they can go ahead and start getting things organized, and you will be required to pay the balance a week or two before the wedding day.

You can arrange for the decorator to have the decorations taken down after the reception. This is particularly a good idea if you are hiring a hall for the reception, as the hall will need to be left in its original state the same day that you held the reception.Make sure that there is no additional cost for doing this, and if so how much will it be.

Otherwise you can arrange for one of your family members to stay behind after the reception and take them down ready to give back to the decorator the next day.

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