Wedding Planning – Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Planning - Choosing Your Wedding Cake

There are many different styles of cakes of all shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. It is tradition to cut the cake and toast the newlyweds, therefore you should design your cake with both personalities, keeping in mind that it should reflect your theme and colors of the reception. It is becoming more common for couples to choose multi tier wedding cakes.

The traditional fruit cake is still also a very popular choice, but you can also choose chocolate mud cake, white chocolate, cheesecake, carrot cake or banana cake. Fruit cake keeps the best refrigerated and can be frozen. Traditionally the bride and groom keep the top layer of the wedding cake as a souvenir of their special occasion. Approximately six months before the wedding it is a good idea to start looking through magazines and selecting the style of cake that you would like to have and best matches your theme and budget.

You will also need to consider how many guests that you are catering for and weather the cake will be used as a dessert or put into little cake bags for the guests to take home. Once you have in mind what sort of cake you would like, you will need to call a reputable cake maker. Take samples of the fabric or colors of the theme that you will be having at the reception.

 You might also like to take along any pictures that you have seen in magazines for ideas about decorating the cake with the flowers that you will be having. Three months before the wedding it is advisable to make a deposit with your cake maker and finalize what the cake is going to look like, how it is to be decorated, the cost of the cake, delivery and any other charges that may be applicable.

Two weeks before the wedding call the cake maker to make sure that everything is going according to plan and pay any outstanding costs. On the wedding day you can arrange for the cake to be cut up into small pieces and placed into cake bags for your guests to take home.

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