Wedding Planning – Choosing Your Engagement Rings

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Wedding Planning - Choosing Your Engagement Rings

Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Choosing Your Engagement Rings

It is entirely up to you what style and stone you wish to have as your engagement ring. In a lot of cases, your fiancee will have already chosen the ring before asking you to marry him, and if not you both will want to go to the jeweler to select the perfect ring. It will pay for you to first ask any friends and relatives of any jewels that they may have used and are happy with, to avoid any disappointments. You will often hear the saying “the four C’s”, (carat, clarity, color and cut), these are the guidelines that you should test the stone against that you are purchasing.

Carat, – refers to the weight and not the size of the diamond. It is the physical measure of the weight of the diamond itself. Clarity – the clarity is measured by the diamonds number of flaws, it is the most important factor in determining the beauty of a stone. A diamond free of flaws is very rare and will be extremely expensive. Color – The less color a stone has, the more perfect it is said to be.

Cut – The cut of a diamond is the stone’s physical configuration. The most common shape is the round, or brilliant cut. Other cuts include pear-shaped marquise, oval, marquise, princess, heart and emerald. Once you have chosen the stone, you will need to choose the band for the stone to be set in. You may opt for yellow or white gold or even silver, or even a mixture. You may also want to take into consideration the setting of your ring.

There are two types of settings, high and low set, a high set ring means that more of the stone is shown, whereas a low set ring has less of the stone showing. Be aware that if you are constantly using your hands, especially in your profession, you may want to choose your setting based on this, as you do not want to get the ring caught in anything, scratched or knocked about.

It would also be a nice idea for the groom to be to have an engagement ring as well, as it signifies his part of the engagement, be sure that you talk to him about it beforehand to make sure that he is comfortable with the idea first. To keep your diamonds sparkling and looking like brand new you can make up a solution of equal parts of detergents and Cloudy Ammonia. Add a cup of boiling water and soak your diamonds for the approximately half and hour. Then remove the rings and polish with a soft clean cloth.

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