Wedding Planning – Choosing The Bridal Party Shoes

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Wedding Planning - Choosing The Bridal Party Shoes

Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day Choosing The Bridal Party Shoes

When picking the shoes for your bridesmaids and flower girl, it would be good to get them all together on the same day and take them shopping to buy their own shoes.

You will find that you will get variations in what people are able to wear. Some might like to go for a shoe with a big heel, while others are unable to walk in heels and don’ feel comfortable in them. Take a sample piece of fabric from their dresses along to the shop with you so that you can either find something in the same color or a color that would compliment the color of both your’s and their dresses.

If possible, try and have the same style of shoe, but if not, you can still have a shoe that are all the same in color but might be a little bit different in style. As long as everyone is happy with their shoes, that is the main thing. Once the shoes have been picked out, you will need to take their shoes to the dress maker as well if you are having the dresses made so that the dress can be altered to fit the heel of the shoe. You will want to choose your flower-girl shoes very carefully, so that she isn’t taking them off half way through the day because they are starting to hurt her feet. If the flower girl is very young don’t make her wear shoes that have heels, try to go for a flat pair of shoes that have plenty of room for her to move. Sometimes it can be hard finding out if the shoe is comfortable for children to be wearing, especially if they are very young. All shoe shops will have people there who know how to make sure that a child’s shoe fits correctly and is going to be comfortable.

You can keep the flower-girl shoe, plain and simple or you might like to opt for shoes that have little diamonds or glittery things on them. You can have the shoes similar to the ones that you are going to be wearing, especially if you have had her dress made the same as your bridal gown. Otherwise the shoes can be similar to the ones that the bridesmaids will be wearing. There is really no need for the flower-girl shoes to be taken to the dressmaker, especially if they are flat shoes. As a gift to your bridal party, you may decide to buy their shoes for them if they have already paid for their dresses, as just a thank you for helping you out with the cost of having them made or hired.

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