Wedding Planning – Changing Your Last Name

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Wedding Planning - Changing Your Last Name

Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Changing Your Last Name

Changing your last name does not have to take a lot of time and effort. Now days there are many newlywed name change kits available that have all the information that you need so the process is much simpler.

In most of the kits will be all the forms that you will need to order your marriage certificate and forms for changing your name at the bank, your drivers license and the taxation office. Of course, there is no law that says that you have to take your husbands last name. You may decide to keep your last name, as there may be many reasons why you would like to keep your own surname. One of them being that you would like to keep your own identity, or you believe that it would be too much trouble to have your last name changed, or it may be that you just really like your last name more so than that of your husbands.

There are other options that you may want to consider such as using your own surname in your profession, but out of work use your husband’s surname. You may decide that you want to take your husbands last name, as this is what is traditionally done after you are married. This would be a better option if you have parents or parents-in-law who are quite traditional when it comes to name changing, as it would have been what they did way back when they got married.

If both you and your partner are happy with it, you can have your husband’s surname after yours, or you can hyphenate it and join the two names together. And the last option would be for you both to change your lasts names to a completely different set of surnames altogether.

Whatever option, you go with, make sure that you both discuss the options in depth with one another, and make sure that you are both completely happy with what has been agreed upon.

There are some husbands that would only like you to take their surname and not take any of the other options available.This is fine if you have no problems in taking his last name, but if you had other ideas you may need to both compromise so that it does not cause any arguments once you are married.

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