Wedding Planning – Beauty Routine For The Groom

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Wedding Planning – Helping the Bride and Groom Plan their Wedding Day – Beauty Routine For The Groom

Getting your partner to start a beauty routine can be a little bit harder than expected, especially if he is the kind of guy that just does the minimum amount required, such as brushing his teeth, and hair. Try and have your partner book into a beauty therapist, and if he won’t go on his own, then take him to the same beautician that you are using, that way you can both have your treatments done together.

Wedding Planning - Beauty Routine For The Groom

If you haven’t already, start looking for a hairdresser that you feel comfortable with. You might already use one that you have been going to for years, if so, then they will have more of an idea as to what styles you like and how you would like to have your hair done on the day.

You will also need to start a regular beauty program. There are a number of products that are now available for men. Not only do they work just as well as female products, but you don’t have to worry about feeling feminine as they don’t smell like a perfume shop.

About four months prior to the wedding day it would be a good idea to start getting your nails and skin into shape. When you are booked in for your facials, you might like to get a manicure done at the same time, just so your nails look healthy, especially if you work in a trade where you use your hands all the time.

Any built up grime under the nails will need to be removed as your hands will be on show on the day of the wedding, especially when receiving the ring.

A couple of months prior to the wedding visit your dentist for a check up, clean and even a whitening if needed.

Now the big day is getting closer, you will find yourself stressing a bit more than usual. Book yourself in for regular massages or an all over body wrap and scrub.

Two weeks before the wedding day make sure that you start getting enough sleep and that you are drinking plenty of water. Have your body parts waxed if they need to be and try to relax as much as possible. If you are taking care of certain arrangements for the wedding, finalize them as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted stress.

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